Creating an Event Group


This article will walk you through creating an Event Group in the Accredit platform.

An Event Group is a grouping of events under a recognisable heading. This could be related to a Tournament, A sporting season or range of events. This helps with organising your events and running accreditation reports.

Typical examples of Event Groups may be 'Football Season 2020/2021', 'Awards Season 2021' or 'Concert Season 2022'. Once you have your Event Groups setup you can then create your events and assign them to the relevant Event Group Group.

 To create your Event Group you will look to start off by going to the Event Group tab in your Main Menu.

Through to the next screen, clicking Add New.


To create your Event Group, you will just need to enter a name, the To/From date of your events and finally tick the Status to enabled.


You can also select an Event Group type to better categorise your event groups and add a logo to your Event Group which would display throughout Accredit and on your event passes. Those are both optional actions.


Your Event Group is now Live and ready for you to add Events.


  • Always include the Year in your Event Group Name. If this is a tournament that runs each year you will wish to create a new Event Group the following year to help differentiate between the events/registrations.
  • The From/To date controls visibility of the relevant sub events in the Registration and Media Portals. Events will only show based on the From/To date of the Event Group and the Events. So it is best that you make sure the dates coverage is correct. We advise setting the From date one month before the Accreditation Start date of your first event and set the To date to one month after the Accreditation End date of the last event. This allows for any date changes for cancelled/rescheduled events.
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