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- Creating a new Event
- Best Practices

This article will take you through how to create an Event within the Accredit platform.

Accredit allows you to set up anything as an Event. An Event can be a sports match, a concert, award show, a parade or a conference. You can setup as many Events as you require and organise them under Event Group settings. So you can have 20 football matches setup under one Event Group and 10 Concerts setup under a different Event Group. Once setup Events can be easily updated and amended as required.

Creating a new Event

To start we will be going to Events and to the Add New Button on the next screen.


From here you will enter the details of your Event from the Name, to the badge template. Your Event Name and Event Group are all that is required.

The next section is when you would start Accrediting the event, if it’s a Media Accreditation and the Time. Those are optional to enter.

Your Event Date will need to be added to indicate the start and end date of the event.


Additional options to consider; 

Status - Status indicates whether your Event is active or not. This will need to be switched on to be used around the platform.
Run As Event Group -
Is Season -
Hide Event on Media Portal - This won’t display your event in the Media Portal
Hide Event on Registration Portal - Your event won’t be displayed in the Registration portal
Is Tournament -
Hide Event in Print Queue - This will ensure your event is hidden in the Print Queue
Hide Zones on Invite - If Zones aren’t public knowledge, you can hide them on your event invite
SendAccessControl (Labels) -
Parking Available - 
Notes - Notes to be added to your event which can only be viewed internally. Your applicants won’t see this.

Now you have completed filling out the details for your Event. You can press Save

Your Event is now ready and can be assigned to relevant Responsible Organisations as required.

Best Practices

  • Badge Identifier - If your event badge design remain the same over the course of a season/tournament using a Badge Identifier code helps to prevent forgery. Typically the Badge Identifier code is a random 1-3 set of characters which are different for each event. examples are X or 1R4 or YY. This code is displayed on the Accreditation Pass and can be identified by Security on the entrances.
  • Accreditation From Dates - The Accreditation date refers to the date when people can actually register for the event. The dates control visibility of the Event within the Accreditation and Media Portals. The From dates should be as early as you wish to start taking applications. This could be 3 weeks before the Event or 3 months before the Event. If you have to verify uploaded identification documentation and/or certificates as part of the accreditation process you should have an extended Accreditation From date.
  • Accreditation To dates - if you do require time to process your registrations you should set your Accreditation To dates for a few days before the event date. This will close the Registration and stop anyone from applying. You can change the To date at anytime if you wish to reopen Registrations. If you are likely to have applicants registering on Event day you should set your Accreditation To date to the day after the Event as this will keep the Registration Portal active.
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