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If you don’t have the right accreditation system in place, allowing staff, contractors, volunteers and media to move around a large venue efficiently, and countering the potential threat of terrorist attacks, criminal activities or illegal workers can be a labour-intensive challenge. Whether you need to vet one hundred contractors at a single event or one million people across multiple sites, Accredit gives you an incredibly efficient way to control access and know who is in your space at all times. .


The Accredit system allows for unlimited badge types and templates and can print them in either batch mode (one print file of all approved badges – ideal if you need to prepare badges in advance) or single production mode, allowing you to print individual badges at your convenience.

Communications suite

Accredit has a template-based module which allows you to send personalised communications via email and SMS. Messages can be sent to groups or individuals and a full audit trail allows you to see when and by whom. The suite automates the invitation, acceptance and rejection process for accreditation documents, and will send automatic reminders to alert applicants when documents are due to expire.

Group accounts

Accredit allows you to create and edit separate group accounts for contractors - such as security, catering or maintenance – and assign a single point of contact for that group who can then import data, send invites, enter personnel information and control their own allocation of passes and zone restrictions. Administrators can allocate a set number of passes per group, and are able to monitor their usage in real time.

Multiple application types

Accredit allows you to set up unlimited application types within the system, such as “Press”, “Catering”, “Security”, “Contractors”, or “Players”, to categorise all personnel involved. You can set physical access zones for application types and individuals. And can define and store records of all documents required such as permits to work, visas, passports, security licenses, ID photographs and any other supporting documents required.

Access Control

Built for major events that require remote scanning of accredited staff, Accredit’s  Mobile Access Control solution (AMAC) connects directly with the Accredit system and allows for real-time scanning, approval, and rejections on the spot. With secure logins users can quickly setup devices to check for pass validity, access level permissions, date and time restrictions, as well as cross check photos, names and pass types in real-time.

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