Unnamed Badges vs Named Badges


Badges will usually show a contact name and company, however you can create 'unnamed' badges which do not show any personalised information.

Named badges

Used to identify an individual based on information provided. These are mainly planned accreditation's but can also be created on the system on site as well. The contacts details / information are processed through the system prior to the pass being created. The pass often displays these details but can be customised to show what is required.

Unnamed badges

These are badges that are usually used when the person using the badge is not known prior to an event or simply has not given any accreditation details. These are often used in bulk. Despite not having an individual registered against an unnamed pass, the unnamed pass is still given an ID number so that these are still able to be identified and not replicated or re-used. This is also able to be identified via a QR code or Barcode on the pass.

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