Registration Statuses explained


Each contact record within the system has an registration status which denotes where they are in the accreditation process.

Approved - The contact is permitted to attend the event. They are then ready to be processed onto a badge by automatically entering the print queue.

Pending - The contacts accreditation status has not yet been decided.

Cancelled - The contacts application will go no further - it is no longer needed to be put through an accreditation process. Maybe due to a registration duplication or a test record.

Unsuccessful - The contact application been rejected and is prohibited from attending the event.

More Information Required - The contacts application does not hold all details that are required. This could be a photo or an unanswered question in their application. There is the ability to contact can be sent an email requesting this information be provided by logging in to their application.

Invited - The contact has been given the opportunity to apply for accreditation for an event but has not yet submitted their accreditation application.

Duplicate - The contact has more than one entry in the system. This may occur if the contact has applied twice or if the contact has bulk imported multiple times.

Approved - Standby - The contact is permitted to attend the event but the registration is not pushed to the badge print queue, instead is put on hold but stays as Approved.

Printed - Printed identifies that the badge has been printed and often is used to reflect that the pass is ready to be collected.




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