Reprinting, Rolling back and Re-exporting badges


You may need to reprint a badge due to incorrect contact information, invalid access zones or the wrong template being used. The Accredit platform offers a number of different options you can take based on the requirement for a new badge.


To reprint a badge, you can go to the manage contacts page and select 'edit' on the far left. Select the 'badges' tab and click 'print'

Rolling back

To rollback a badge is to move it from the 'printed' queue to the 'waiting to be printed' queue. Please note, this does not deactivate the badge - this would have to be done separately. To roll back a badge, go to the 'badges' header in the menu bar, select the second option of the two available, and select 'rollback' on the badge/s as required


Re-exporting a badge is similar to re-printing a badge but allows for the badge to be processed through the system again, meaning it is applying any changes made to the application rather than simply re-printing which is just going to print the badge that was last printed for the contact. In the user profile (which can be accessed in manage contacts, then clicking edit to the far right of the appropriate contact), under the badges tab there is the option to 're-export'. By selecting this will trigger the actions as described just above.


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