Bulk updating from Manage Applicants


In the Manage Applicants page, there is the option to bulk update your applicants. The updates include bulk changing a registration status (approved / pending / rejected etc), bulk changing the parking status (should it apply), bulk sending an email and bulk changing privileges (otherwise known as access zones).


Bulk changing registration status

Select the tick boxes in the 'vet' column to the far right on the screen to identify which applicants are to be updated. To the far left of the screen, select from the dropdown options that appear in the list for 'bulk status'. Once the status you wish to change the applicants that has been selected, click 'bulk update'. The applicants will be updated in bulk instantly.



Bulk changing the parking status

Select the tick boxes to the right of the screen under the 'park' heading for the applicants that require a parking status update. To the left of the screen, select from the parking status drop down and select bulk update to apply the changes to the applicants selected.


Bulk changing privileges

Select the applicants that require a change in privilege by ticking the boxes in Manage Applicants area. Once selected, click on the 'bulk change privileges' button. You can select the privileges from the list that appears by selecting the appropriate tick box followed by either choosing to remove, add or replace this privilege.


Bulk sending an email

Select the applicants by ticking the boxes under the heading 'vet'. By selecting the 'send bulk email' option after, a pop up will appear with two options for sending a bulk email; Bulk Email and Bulk SMS. Select the option that applies and press next. You can then choose a template to send off or compose your own email.



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