Editing a Contact


The Edit Contact section of Accredit is an extension of the Manage Contacts screen, whereby system users can review individual applications including access rights and privileges, all data and documents uploaded by the applicant including expiry dates for passports and right to work in the UK, an audit trail of all previous actions performed by the applicant within your stadium, (From the start date that Accredit is Integrated at your events) including arrival and departure dates/times, doors accessed via access control and badge history, including whether badges were lost, stolen,
reprinted or if access level were abused and staff members tried to gain access to restricted areas they shouldn’t have.

You can also review all internal staff user actions lodged against each record in the system, so if an incident occurs you can look back and easily determine who from your team was responsible for approving accreditation or amending access rights or privileges, as all actions performed by
internal users in Accredit are time and date stamped.


  • View and Edit the individuals photograph
  • Process any incomplete records by adding any photos or required data to complete the record ready for printing
  • View and Edit any of the individual’s questions or data
  • Amend Access Zones and change the application type
  • View the history of an individual’s attendance at previous events
  • View an audit of when data has been changed and by which admin member, account manager or individual i.e. Address updated
  • View and Approve Documents including any expiry dates, issuing counties
  • Manage the badge of an individual – Reprint a badge or Cancel a badge (if the person has left the organisation) or replace it (if the badge was lost or stolen and a new badge was needed)
  • Add vetting notes to the record which can be viewed by other admin users
  • View and edit any vehicle details such as licence plate or make/model of vehicle
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