Security Vetting


There may be a business or regulatory requirement for your accreditation process to include identification vetting carried out by an external policing force or security team. The Accredit platform makes this process easy through either a direct API integration or limited admin access to the platform. 

When an application is approved the details required by the security services can be transferred via an API or online service for background checking. Alternatively, the security services can have a limited login directly to the system to check the data. By not sending the data to a vetting partner until it is approved by the Event Team it saves time vetting those people who may be refused for other reasons i.e. not the correct media for the event. The security services or vetting partners can review any details such as passports or visa’s and run relevant checks against their databases.

Once completed a status will be received by the accreditation system of approved, Rejected, more info required. Depending on the vetting partner there could be more information returned such as a basic reason.

Once the system receives these approval actions they are saved against the contact and all sub records (match applications). These can be viewed in the manage contacts grid or edit contact and can be monitored through the use of filters. It is possible to configure the system so that if the contact is not approved by the security services the badge cannot be printed. It is also possible to enable a rule that if that the badge can be printed but not issued until the verification has been completed.

If using a live feed for Access control any records which were updated during an event to a rejected status by security due to new information could also be immediately blocked from the Access Control Scanning.

This enhanced stage of vetting if needed can be a targeted certain at risk categories of people with high levels of access on the event day.

Further information would be required on the requirements and processes related to the use of 3rd party vetting to produce a full plan.

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