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In an ideal world all staff registrations requiring accreditation would be pre-vetted in advance of an event day, however we understand the need to perform accreditation onsite for any last-minute staff substitutions, or additional staff that have been requested to work once the accreditation dates have expired.

To enable this function Accredit has the capacity for online database management for individual day passes via the New Contact function. If individuals arrive at your grounds without pre-vetted accreditation you can do a visual check of their identification documents, (Passport, Visa, Permit to Work) before creating an instant accreditation pass for the individual day/event. Simple data input can still be achieved and added to the pass including name, company, date, phone numbers and terms and conditions agreed face to face; and by using the webcam on a laptop or camera on a mobile device you can capture a live photo of the individual applying for accreditation.

Once you are happy that you have collected, reviewed and verified all information required for accreditation you can simply send a pass to print at an onsite accreditation booth, (Using any high-quality laser jet ink printer) to ensure that all staff have the relevant accreditation required for your event.



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