System Security


The Accredit platform not only secures your events but also your data. All data with the exception of first and last name is fully encrypted within the database. All photos and scans of documents  are encrypted and all passwords are hashed.

Amazon Web Services

If hosting with Accredit Solutions, systems are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Dublin, Ireland. AWS is one of the leading providers of cloud-based server solutions. Amongst its clients are some of the largest technology companies operating globally, such as Netflix, Nokia, Adobe, Samsung, Dow Jones, NASA and Ericsson.

Amazon Web Services allows the provision of additional server capacity at peak times in the accreditation process and automatically scales to meet the needs of the resources required. Amazon has one of the most secure cloud infrastructures available and are compliant with all global industry standards.

Accredit systems are available 24 hours a day; 7 days a week, taking into consideration scheduled and emergency maintenance times. Systems are monitored and managed from our London based Network Operations Centre to ensure a monthly committed level of availability, in excess of 99.5% outside of scheduled and emergency maintenance periods.

All Accredit Solutions servers work towards the most recent 2016 Standard of Good Practice for Information Security.

We would recommend that you host with us on AWS to enable quick access from our support team as/when issues occur, rather than us having to seek permission for access which may slow the support team down, but both options are available for your confirmation.

Secure Forms

Accreditation invitation links to forms are encrypted and bespoke to the individual invited with prepopulated details so cannot be forwarded to other users. Once an accreditation is approved the form can be locked so that it cannot be updated by the user. All Personal Contact Data such as ID details, Address Details, Email Addresses and Phone Numbers are encrypted at the point of entry.

Limited data remains unencrypted such as Name and Organisation to assist in direct database queries. Documents are also encrypted at the point they are added to the system and can only be retrieved either through the admin area or via an encrypted link by the person who submitted them.

System Access

The portals within Accredit are protected by passwords which can require a combination of Upper case, lower case and numeric characters. The Admin Area can be further protected using 2 factor authentication via SMS for the user. The system also employs login throttling so that multiple incorrect password will result in the locking of the account.




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