Accredit Mobile Access Control


Built for major events that require remote scanning of accredited staff, the Accredit Mobile Access Control solution (AMAC) connects directly with the Accredit system and allows for real-time scanning, approval, and rejections on the spot. With secure logins users can quickly setup devices to check for pass validity, access level permissions, date and time restrictions, as well as cross check photos, names and pass types in real-time.

Access control application.

  • Access control application to scan badges available on Apple or Android devices
  • The application can be paired by Bluetooth with other laser scanners
  • The access control application can be used on a laptop with a static or checkout style scanner
  • Setup access control areas to track access into specific rooms, corridors, buildings or sub events such as press conferences
  • The Access control application can scan badge barcodes or QR Codes using the camera on the application
  • a badge is scanned the devices display the current details of the accredited individual such as photo, type of pass, name and company

Access control with 3rd Party Software

  • Access control takes all current barcodes, status and event dates to provide a yes or no for access to an event
  • Access control CSV file can be used to add barcodes to 3rd party access control solutions manually
  • Access control view can be used to allow the lookup of barcodes by 3rd party access control solutions in real time if hosted internally at a venue
  • Accredit can integrate via API with 3rd party Access control devices or gates

 Access control reporting

  • All access control data is written into the system including the time and date of scan, location of scan and success or fail and can be queried by admin users
  • Security or management team can view a live feed of those who are scanned including details and photos and can filter to just those records denied access
  • A report on all tracking can be extracted to excel or as a PDF showing which types of people, used which entrance and when they arrived
  • Reports can be viewed on mobile devices such as an iPad
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