My PDF page is printing blank


You may occasionally find the PDF page that you have downloaded is a blank page. This can be caused by a couple of simple issues.

1) Mandatory information is missing. - If your Badge template has been setup to include data items such as name or company or a photo you must ensure that these are completed or attached to all relevant contact records. The system will not be able to produce a badge if mandatory information is missing. 

2) The photo needs to be cropped. - In some instances where a photo has been included via a bulk upload it may need to be manually cropped to fit the required badge dimensions. You can simply open the relevant contact record, click on the document tab and then edit photo. Click the crop button and then try and print again.

There may other issues with your PDF printing which are not immediately obvious. You can use the Bulk Export Information window to provide you with more detail as seen in the video below


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