Setting Registration Allocations


It is important to control the number of staff or event partners that will be onsite for your event. The Accredit system enables you to set maximum numbers for any Role within the system. This will limit the Account Manager to only register a fixed number of staff from within their Portal.

Edit the relevant Responsible Organisation via the Manage RO option on the main menu and click on the Manage Event tab. Once there locate the relevant event you wish to update.

Click the dropdown arrow to view a list of all the Roles assigned to the specified event and edit the relevant Role. Enter a number into the Max Allocation field and press Confirm. 


The new Maximum allocation number is now set for that Role. Edit the remaining Roles and update their Maximum Allocations.

To confirm the Allocations are set correctly you can log into the Responsible Organisation Portal and scroll down to the Registration Summary. You will see the Allocation column which will display the Maximum number that you set previously. You will also see the Invited columns which will show the number of Invites emails sent out; The Used column showing the number of completed registrations, which should not go above the Maximum Allocation and the Remaining column showing the Maximum Allocation number minus the Used number.


You can go back into Manage Events and change the Maximum Allocations at anytime to increase the limit if required or remove the fixed allocation by entering 0 in the field.

You can set an Estimated Total Headcount in the Responsible Organisation details screen. This will not limit the registrations but can be used for reporting purposes to show the estimated number against the actual number.






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