Accredit Mobile Access Control Setup


Accredit Mobile Access Control (AMAC) connects directly with the Accredit system and allows for real time scanning to verify access approvals, and rejections on the spot. With secure logins users can quickly  setup their devices to preconfigured security areas to check for pass validity, zones/access level permissions, date and time restrictions, as well as cross check photos, names and pass types in real time.

With the AMAC application you can:

  • Scan Accreditation Passes on IOS or Android devices using the inbuilt camera or infrared scanner
  • Scan either industry standard Barcode or QR Code formats
  • Track access into specific areas, buildings or sub events such as press conferences
  • Control numbers of people in areas/zones by setting maximum space allocation numbers
  • View Photo, Organisation and Registration Role details in real time
  • Run real time reporting on positive/negative scans, space allocation numbers and ‘who is in your space’


Installing the App

Important: To use AWAC you must have an AWAC license included in your Accredit Solutions Agreement, as well as an current AWAC Username

Download the Accredit Solutions Wireless Access Control app to your mobile device using the links below. 

For the Google Play Store click HERE. (Select the white Mobile option if you are using an Android Mobile Phone. Select the blue Device option if you are using a dedicated scanner running the Android OS.)

For the IOS App Store click HERE.

  1. Once installed open the App and click on the Accredit Solutions logo and enter the server URL provided as part of your license and select Submit
  2. Enter the username /password provided as part of your license and select Submit


How to Scan

  1. Once logged in select your relevant Scan Direction. IN for Entrance scanning or OUT for Exit scanning
  2. Select your relevant Area. This may relate to a Gate or Zone or general access. Click Submit
  3. Once you are on the Scanning screen point your mobile camera or infrared light towards the QR Code/barcode on the pass
  4. The scan result will appear on the screen immediately showing the Registration Status of the pass holder
  5. After the initial scan press the scan button(s) again to scan further passes as required
  6. Select the back arrow at the top of the screen at any point to amend the Scan Direction or Scan Area as required.


How to use Offline Settings

If your venue or area has poor or limited Wi-Fi connectivity, the AMAC app allows you to carry on scanning in Offline Mode by downloading the latest Accreditation Pass information to be stored locally on your device. Once you have access to Wi-Fi again you can reconnect with the Accredit Cloud service and sync your offline and online data.

1. Select the Settings Cogwheel at the top of the screen
2. Select Download Badges to pull down all active Pass information for Offline Scanning
3. If you lose data connectivity the app will now use the locally downloaded pass database for scanning
4. When you have data connectivity restored you can select Sync Scan Data to upload your offline scans for reporting
5. You can delete your offline scan data at anytime by selecting Delete Scans
6. You can delete the offline database at anytime by clicking on Delete Database





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